There are two things that I love to do, photograph in beautiful locations and sharing what I have learned over the years with others. I am now offering both group and private workshops to help you make better photographs as well as share some my digital workflow methodologies. In these workshops we will explore techniques for composition, exposure, filters, digital workflow, and all those pesky camera settings like ISO, Depth-Of-Field, f-Stops, RAW, Histogram, Noise Reduction, just to name a few.
Group Workshops And Tours
Private Workshops
How about a one-on-one private workshop to learn how to use that new camera? Choose your favorite location in the Seattle area or allow me to suggest one of mine like Mount Rainier National Park, Deception Pass State Park or Golden Gardens. Cost starts at $200 for a day and varies based on location, travel time, etc. Add an additional family member for $100. If you are interested, email me at